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idv was born out of a lack of solutions in the market place to meet the challenges faced when working as MLROs or Compliance Officers. idv was inspired by the knowledge that compliance can be commercially beneficial; the better you understand the rules and regulations that govern your industry or region, the easier it is to succeed as a business.

idv's management team has faced the same operational pitfalls as our clients - how can we get as many customers through the door as possible whilst not exposing the business to increased operational and compliance risks? With that in mind, the management team have created idv - technology, coupled with operational support, designed to ensure the most effective and compliant independent verification service in the market.

Michael Lucas

Co-founder of idv with over fifteen years industry experience. Michael's career began as a Fraud analyst for Lloyds Banking Group where he quickly established himself as a key part of the group's risk team. Michael went on to spend several years working in various risk functions for the group. As Michael's risk career progressed, he joined Mizuho Corporate Bank as Compliance analyst where he was part of the successful MiFID project team. Since leaving Mizuho, Michael went on to join Altair Financial Services Ltd as Head of Compliance / MLRO. Other key roles held during Michael's career include: Compliance officer for the prestigious Trafigura International Ltd and Business Development Director at Qgen Group Ltd where he co-created the BPO verification team. Since co-founding idv, Michael has built relationships with schemes, issuers and partners in order to offer the first truly global verification and AML solution.

Andy Pinks

Co-founder of idv with over fifteen years industry experience. Andy's career began with HSBC Bank UK, joining the Fraud detection team. Andy served several years working for HSBC Fraud detection unit before joining the Indian migration team. As Assistant Manager of Fraud Operations, Andy was tasked with migrating the fraud detection department to HSBC's Global Resourcing Centre in Hyderabad, India. After completing the successful migration, Andy then went on to join Citigroup UK as Fraud Case Manager. Other key roles that Andy has held during his career include: Fraud Manager at Click and Buy Europe Ltd and Head of Financial Crime at Altair Financial Services Ltd. After leaving Altair, Andy joined QGen Group Ltd as Head of Financial Crime & KYC Management where he co-created the verification team. Since co-founding idv, Andy has built up a multilingual compliance team to offer the first truly global one-stop verification and AML solution.

Previous experience

HSBC Bank UK Plc
Falcon Debit & Credit Cards 

HSBC Electronic
Data Processing India PVT Ltd

Falcon Debit & Credit Cards

Lloyds Banking Group Plc
Falcon, Hunter Fraud System, CIFAS, AML monitoring
ClickandBuy International Limited
Fraud management - Europe

Citibank UK Plc
Aristion (Sister to EMS) Debit & Credit Cards,

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd
Compliance, due diligence and
AML monitoring 
Altair Financial Services Ltd
Compliance and Fraud Management

Trafigura Limited
Compliance management, due diligence
and AML monitoring

QGen Group Ltd
Founders of Manual KYC (AML) concept, management and process.
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