idvcheck is the market leading technology platform designed to provide the best solution for international acquisition.

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As with idvcheck, rather than simply giving our clients some data and telling them to get on with it, we provide a team of experienced analysts who perform an end-to-end sanctions and PEP screening service.

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The business world today is a global one and that means, for many companies, operating in a number of different regulatory environments.

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identity verification, screening
and acquisition specialists

idv offers a true end-to-end customer acquisition service for companies with anti-money laundering (AML) obligations and other related risks: "idv allows businesses to operate in new and emerging markets where electronic data cannot be sourced"

So who are we?

idv is a one-stop shop for international Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, utilising both electronic data and document verification through our state of the art identity management portal - idvcheck. With decades of hands on experience, the management team have refined idv's technology and processes to ensure the most compliant and efficient customer acquisition service in the market. With specific AML experience in gaming, pay-day-loan, e-commerce, prepaid and FX industries (amongst others), idv is able to offer valuable experience to help any company improve its international acquisition.

Integrating into idvcheck provides a truly end-to-end solution with compliant solutions for every aspect of the onboarding process. Access to international electronic data allows for quick and simple verification in many countries. Where the data isn't available or the customer has failed electronically, idvcheck has a manual service - supported by experienced multilingual agents - to further boost acquisition rates. Alongside these identity checks, idvscreen can screen customers against international sanctions and PEP data with our experienced agents on hand to investigate any matches. All the AML headache taken away without any increase
in risk.

idv's white labelled service offers a seamless rapid integration into your existing customer journey. You can pick our brains and we'll tailor the process to meet your particular risk appetite. idv's service goes further by positioning itself with a dedicated team of multilingual agents who can contact applicants in their native tongue via email or phone; to walk them through the application process or prompt for kyc submission. This has proved to significantly boost customer acquisition rates as it establishes a relationship with the potential customer quickly and prevents higher drop-out rates.

Once the verification process has been completed we submit the results back to you instantly via our API, removing any manual burden from our clients operation and allowing them to focus on what's important - growth.  
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