Recent press coverage of fines for high
profile financial institutions have put the
spotlight back on customer due diligence (CDD);
but these obligations never went away.

idv provides an independent and reliable service that shoulders the burden of these risks for our clients. As with idvcheck, rather than simply giving our clients some data and telling them to get on with it, we provide a team of experienced analysts who perform an end-to-end sanctions and PEP screening service. idvscreen aggregates data and costs across our client base to offer the best data at the best prices.

idvscreen offers a bespoke service that allows our clients to choose the datasets they want to screen against - ensuring a tailor made service fit for every risk appetite and market. idvscreen gives our clients access to a wealth of data for screening individuals against, including: Once the data has been agreed upon, as well as the false-positive thresholds, our agents will then investigate and advise on any matches that occur.

On top of this process to meet initial CDD requirements, idvscreen can rescrub your existing customer base to satisfy your ongoing CDD obligations too. idvscreen clients benefit from: reduced costs; improved efficiencies; and reassurance that they are remaining compliant even as rules and regulations change and evolve.

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