idvcheck is the first end-to-end verification
solution for regulated and non-regulated industries

idvcheck is the market leading technology platform designed to provide the best solution for international acquisition. By combining robust electronic data with experienced multilingual analysts, we ensure our clients hit the highest rates of customer acquisition possible. idvcheck is the key to success for any business wanting to expand its footprint domestically and internationally.

idvcheck is bespoke and white labelled, meaning we adjust our processes for any industry, any region, and any risk appetite. Whether you are a regulated financial institution hoping to target migrant workers in the UK; a FX broker hoping to crack the Chinese market; or a gaming operator hoping to expand into Eastern Europe; idvcheck can facilitate all of these ventures whilst reducing internal costs and not increasing your risk.

Integrating into the idvcheck platform gives our clients access to a platform built specifically to meet data protection and other regulatory obligations; compliant, reliable and accurate international electronic data from a recognised provider; multilingual agents who are able to verify identity documents from around 200 countries; as well as white-labelled communication by email, text or voice in a wide range of languages.

This service has proved time and time again to significantly reduce internal costs, whilst improving the customer experience as a result of our refined procedures and SLAs. idvcheck releaves unnecessary burden from our clients' fraud and customer service teams who spend too much time on the acquisition process and not on their core tasks.

Additionally, idvcheck has been designed to provide relief for markets where companies find it difficult to manage the costs of peak periods - such as gaming operators during race weekends or world cups. Whatever your need, whatever your industry, idvcheck offers exceptional quality at exceptional prices.

A wealth of features

1. Verification of all first and second class ID in multiple languages i.e. passports, drivers license, id cards.
2. Supports all international character sets for incoming and outgoing communications.
3. Compliant in all industries and regions.
4. Rapid integration kits in multiple coding languages means minimal impact on companies' development queues.
5. Batch solutions for non-integrated clients who need additional support during peak periods.
6. White labeled service.
7. Parameters for approval are flexible to suit multiple verticals and risk appetites.
8. Refined technology and processes to ensure highest rates of acquisition with greatest level of customer satisfaction.

No time to integrate?
We understand how valuable your time is, that's why at idv we have a batch solution in place. Whether you have a sudden application surge due to successful marketing campaign or international sporting event, idv can be up and running within hours to support you're verification needs.
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